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Miss Saxo vaya - Saxophonist,lyricist


Miss Saxo Vaya was born in Corinth, Greece. She has a Greek/ Brazilian nationality.

Having music, theatre and dance studies, Miss Saxo Vaya played saxophone in both classical and modern orchestras and acted in TV shows and theatre.

Miss Saxo Vaya has collaborated with a host of established DJ’s in Greece and internationally appearing in Clubs, VIP restaurants, private parties and corporate events,where she improvises and gives unique Live performances. 

A few years ago, Miss Saxo Vaya took her songwriting to a new level and entered partnerships with influential Greek singers (“Alitissa Psichi- To tavli” Anna Vissi, “Einai Stigmes”, “Na m´agapas” Antonis Remos, “To antio” Despoina Vandi, Sakis Rouvas, Elena Paparizou, Tamta, Martakis, Demy, and many more) and songwriters (Zeljko Joksimovic, Kyriakos Papadopoulos, Dimitris Kontopoulos, Yiannis Kyfonidis, and many more)

 writing lyrics as Vaya Kalantzi. 

So far 32 of her songs are on the Radio and more are about to be released.

As an actress , she collaborated with plenty of famous actors on theatre and TV (Lakis Lazopoulos, Yiannis Bezos, Evelina Papoulia, Akis Sakelariou, Takis Zaharatos and many more).

Miss Saxo Vaya was a columnist for several magazines and newspapers and worked as a radio producer in radio shows in Athens Arena Radio , Loutraki FM and My Radio Corinth, Greece. 

Through her work as gallery director in Athens from 2000-2005, she was engaged in other forms of Fine Arts, but kept contact to the film work, for example, by working as a volunteer for the “Tribeca Film festival” in New York in 2006. 

In her art, Miss Saxo Vaya combines her experience from different artistic genres to create timeless expressions. 

On April 2014 she created the project “E for Ego” in a collaboration with “Tacheles” Berlin.

-On winter 2014-2015 Miss Saxo Vaya had a saxophone performance at German MTV, touring all over Germany with several famous djs (Sharam Jey, Kris kid, Voodoo and many more)

-On winter 2015-2016 she had a saxophone performance show with Antonis Remos at Diogenis Studio.

-She continues the guest appearances with the famous singer at Nammos Mykonos (2016 Remos and Gipsy Kings, 2017 Remos and Eros Ramazotti) 2016 Romania at “Sala Palatului”, 2017 in New York at “Manhattan Centre” (Remos and Marinella).

-On winter 2016-2017 Miss Saxo Vaya performs an open act show at “Fos”  Athens Greece with Kaiti Garbi and  Stella Kali.